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Thread: testo-galenika

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    i ordered some primos earlier and went to order more and their out right now but have testo-galenika from yugoslavia.are they worthy or hold out for the primos?

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    I assume you're talking Primoteston right?
    Cuz "Primobolan " is something I'd put "With" test, not in place of.
    I just switched from the Gakenika's to Shanghai, cuz I just didn't seem to be getting my normal results from the Galenika's. However, my Grandma & Grandpa have been taking turns in the Hospital, thus my Diet has sucked and little sleep. Also, if they are underdosed, it would be the first time to my knowledge.....over the years I have found them to be pretty much unbeatable for the Price.
    But I will say this, I am a HUGE fan of both Primo's.
    One of my first "stacks" was Primoteston & Primobolan.

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