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    Dialantin and Juice, Help!!

    About three or four months ago, I had a seizure and had surgery to remove a tumor from my brain. The tumor was not cancer, and the mri's show that they got all of the tumor. The tumor was the sole reason for them putting me on the Dilantin, but it is for precautionary measures only. I was told to stay on the Dilantin for 12 months. I am released from the doctor to start back training and want to get on some kind of cycle A.S.A.P. These last few months I have lost alot of my size and strength. Is it safe for me to take juice with the Dilantin?
    Thanks for the time,

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    sorry to hear about all that, id ask your docter about it unless someone else on here knows, its a strange combination, however you have privacy rights and you should exercise them, just ask your of luck

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    Wait until you are off the Dilantin..Then after you see how you are going to respond physically post-Dilantin, then consider running a cycle..

    Doc M

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