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    Question TEST PROP. mg. vs. duration ???

    I got a question here, that is on the technical side of AS. Testosterone Propinate should be injected at least every third day. This is due to the fact of the esters, which only allow the steroid to remain at an elevated level for a certain amount of time. Would a 25 mg injection last just as long as a 50mg, or a 100mg injection?

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    I read somewhere that you should inject at half of the half life!


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    of course it just don't have the quanity in you last as long as the chain is set out to last.

    when i injected prop i was injecting 100mg every third day. A lot of guys say to inject EOD but i was unable to due to the swelling and pain in my gults and because of that i wasn't going to inject into the delts or any other place. but you must not miss if you are injecting every third day.

    hope that answered your question

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