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Thread: need size

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    need size

    im 22 years old, have been lifiting for 3 years, im 5'9 182 lbs, 7 percent body fat, and i eat right for the most part, ive run winnie and clen cycles before to get cut up and had good success, but i wanna put on some more size to reach 200lbs, is there any way to keep gains on d-bol cycles without running test with it? and if not, what would be a good cycle with test to put on some size..........thanks

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    It's very hard to keep any gains on a dbol only cycle. combining the 2 would be a simple cycle for adding mass, there's no need to complicate it too much on a first cycle

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    Swellin Guest
    This is easily researched...take a look in the ed threads. Take a look at the member's cycle results. You should be able to figure this one out very easily.

    I'll give you a hint though...250-500mg test e/week.

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