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    Dec 2003

    extra deca..will usin it for a week have ne benifits?

    alright i have 4- 50mg doses of deca dura that i my friend gave me for the hell of it

    - i just started a cycle of sustanon
    week 1 and 2 250 mgs/wk
    week 3-10 ---500mgs , 250 twice a week

    -i figured its not even worht usin the deca and just save it or somthin....but could i get a benifit or maybe a little kickstart of the sustanon if i did all of it eod like in week 2?
    --or should i just say hell with it and hold on to the extra deca

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    Sep 2003
    central nj
    it would be a waste, don't bother injecting it, just hold onto it for a future cycle

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    Aug 2003
    Just save it, it is too little to gain any benefit, and it is too slow acting to kickstart anything anyways.

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