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    Sust250 and Winny vs Primo vs Var

    I'm 6'1, 180, 8% BF. I have been >200 in the past, but that was higher BF. Either way, I need to put back on some pounds after dieting maybe a bit too much this past year (low carb diet sure worked for BF, but 180 is too **** light).

    This is my 3rd cycle, my first was var/primo, second was eq/winny. I'm doing sust for the first time and so am going to do very light. Here's my plan:

    Sust: 10 weeks x 250mg every 6 days
    Proviron : 25mg/day, mostly to keep water bloat down
    Post Cycle: Clen , Clomid, Nolva

    When and what to add out of: Winny ? Primo ? Var ?

    I'm trying to decide what else to throw in, I have all 3 above. I want to do at least winny or var for the 2-3 weeks before post cycle.

    What about Week 1-10: Sust 250 (every 6), Week 6-12: Winny 50mg/day


    My goals: KEEP at least 10 pounds, BF to stay within a few % of now, and i want ZERO bloat if i can during the cycle (is 25mg proviron/day enough for my low-dose test?).

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    Most people are gonna say 250 sust is too little, and i'd definitely say bump it up a little, but if you don't from experience i'd prefer having var in there at 40mg/day for 6 weeks or so.

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    I'm trying to decide between 250 every 6 days (works out to 290/week) or every 5 (350/week).

    Not to sound like a p.ussy, but I want to stay light for reduced risk (and reduced bloating up so people here dont suspect!), and there's such an obvious diminishing gains factor using roids beyond a certain dosage - which is where exactly for me at this point who knows, but I wanted to experiment with pretty light.

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