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    Top of the 5th and just cutting!!!!!

    whats up with this? im on my fifth week of t4 at 600 pw and eq at 400 per week i have noticed some gains mostly just cut up. i am up 8lbs since i started my diet isnt perfect but it is good most of my calories and protien come from shakes (not good i know) i work out 6 times a week each day on one muscle group for an hour to an hour and a half. i think all i am seeing is the prop from the t4 right now but i am getting very vascular from the eq so its got to be working. i am a very hard gainer. any suggustoins or helpful hints.

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    most likely the eq is really just starting to kick in, but even so Eq gives a long lean's not quick acting like some other steriods so yeah the gains your probably seeing now are from the prop, and the enth that started kicking last week.
    Just give it another week or so and I'm sure everything will even out.

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