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    my experience with fina and some questions for the vets or more experienced

    ok guys I just wanted to type some of my experience with fina thus far and see how it compares with everyone elses etc

    the first time I took fina I was doing 75mg EOD, I got slight acne and that was really it, then about 2 weeks after being off it I had a huge strength increase(no fat loss or anything though)

    however while I was on it I felt very weak and sometimes tired or worn out when I went to work out

    this time(2nd cycle of fina) I was on fina with 75mg ED, I get slight acne, no fat loss thus far, some agression but no strength increase yet I still feel tired and worn out sometimes when I go to lift

    does anyone have these problems?

    if it makes any difference the 2nd cycle I have been running the ECA stack
    (trying to get as trim as possible)

    here is my other question

    I used MR Ts fina kit to make the fina, but everytime I do the conversion it only yields me with about 17 shots @ 1ml, I didnt drop any of the oils or fina pellets or anything but doesnt that seem like a little bit? by the way its with the 2G kit too

    thank you guys very much and if anyone can offer any help on this please tell me, I am trying to get this working for me cause I think it might be something I am doing wrong


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    I'm on my first cycle of fina right now...approx week 3....I'm feeling kinda sick...I think the fina has a lot to do with it..apparently makes people more succeptable to colds....the good news is I'm lookin harder with a little strength increase..nothin huge.....I'm stacking fina with enathate....

    fina EOD 1.5 ml (100 MG strength per ML)
    Enathate .5 ml 2 times per week ( 400 MG strength per ML)

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    are you taking it with test or anything else, it makes a difference.

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    Swellin Guest
    If you are so concerned with getting cut, you might not be getting enough of the right calories...which can really lead to the lethargy you mentioned.
    This is the second thread in a row that I have responded after meathead, and he beat me to what I was going to say...both times.

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    hey thanks for the response guys

    I am just taking the fina straight as I am able to make it and my source that I had, well I dont have anymore cause I was using a middle man and the middle man ****ed me over when I went to buy something from him directly, so I had lost the source in the process

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    Swellin Guest
    I garauntee that by adding test, you will kick this funk. Maybe not 100%, but it **** sure will change this for the better.

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    you are probably very right

    and yes I am trying to get cut, I honestly dont know what my BF% is but if I were to guess it would probably be around 12-11%
    I added cardio for other days I am really trying to get the 6 pack showing, Im not really into getting huge which is why I chose the fina that and expenses but I havent really had any luck with it, Im gonna see if I can get some test prop to go with it next time

    anything I can do in the meantime? I try drinking as much water as possible too but I dont think I am drinking the recommended 2 gallons to be honest maybe between 1-2

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    Swellin Guest
    What is your diet like right now?

    I am not that good with diets, but I am certain that a small meal consisting of complex carbs and a protien shake...1.5 hours before going to the gym will help.

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    ok I will try not to make this long

    here are my stats FYI

    20 years old
    lifting for 8 years about 5 real serious the first 3 were learning experiences

    ok ever since I was young my body has been like a furnace I can pretty much eat as much as I want anyday (not junk and fast food and **** but just like regular home cooked stuff etc) and not gain any weight from it
    my diet now is alot better then where I was at and I know its going to sound rediculous to you but I have everything lowered so I am eating around 300 carbs a day
    Im italian and naturally I love pasta and high carb things like bread and cereal and stuff
    my diet before the past 2 months consisted of about 600 carbs a day but I never gained any weight from it
    I eat low fat though despite those rediculous #s I probably take in about 20 grams of fat at the most a day
    protein is probably around 150 grams a day as well
    now by changing the carbs to 300 a day I have lowered my weight from 195 to 182 now, this consisted of cardio, eca stacks and obviously the change in carbs.
    right now I probably eat about 6+ times a day about the same with carbs, probably even lower than 20 grams of fat, and probably around 150 grams of protein(hard to find sources of high protein and low fat that I havent eaten that day already)
    I try to drink lots of water, cranberry juice for kidneys

    here is my workouts pretty much

    day 1

    benching 3 sets
    incline benching 2 sets
    standing curls 3 sets
    weighted reverse hand pull ups 2 sets

    day 2
    cardio workout

    day 3

    cleans 3 sets
    weighted wide grip pull ups 3 sets
    tricep push down with pulley on machine 2 sets
    deadlifts 2 sets

    day 4
    cardio workout

    day 5

    ab pull down with pulley 3 sets
    shoulder shrugs 3 sets
    lower ab pulley (pull knees to chest with weight on feet) 2 sets
    side laterals 2 sets

    day 6
    cardio workout

    the cardio workout consists of this

    3 sets of hanging leg lifts for lower abs
    3 sets of 300 punches on a speed bag
    30 mins on a treadmill

    every workout starts with an ECA stack 30 mins before hand and ends with 5 grams creatine, 5 grams L-glutamine, a multi vitamin, lots of water and high protein meal

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    Swellin Guest
    I would definately up the fats and the protein. When I drop below 50-60 grams of fat a day, I get in a funk. I am also much more likely to get sick. Your fat and your protien should really be increased. Try the complex carbs and a protien shake before going to the gym, and see how that works for you.

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    If you're to lean out you could consider adding some winny to the fina. It has a slight antiprogestagenic (I'm sure I'm misspelling it, sorry for my english) action and it will help so much not being lazy in the gym too.

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    ok I think I figured out my prob and I cant believe I forgot to mention it

    I am also taking cynomel for a 20 day cycle and I guess I just forgot about it since I usually take it first thing

    could this be what my prob is?

    also does anyone have any idea why I only get about 17ml out of the Mr Ts fina kit?

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