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Thread: Gyno

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    I Have Deep Pain In My Nipple Area Is It A Sign Of Gyno Can Someone Tell Me How To Detect Gyno Just Come Off Fina Prop

    Thanks Swole256

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    Fina can definately give you gyno. If you having pain, that could be due to your cycle. My advice if the pain is to great go see a doc. May want to try to get your hands on some nolv, now that you are off your cycle. Start off with 40mg a day, keep upping until the pain goes away then start tappering down. Clomid wouldn't be so bad either. Did you run Clomid post cycle? May have prevented this if you did. I run nolv and clomid after EVERY CYCLE. BTW please don't PM me and ask where to get some Nolv, cause I don't have the slightest clue.

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