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    Unhappy HELP!! Ligament damage..

    I have been lifting for 20 years, I was 230lbs at 5'9". I am now between 210 and 220.
    I have always been all natural. I was hit by a steel beam last april. Since then
    Have been very limited on my mobility and workouts.
    Most of the damage has healed. I have ligament damage in the lower back which also extends to the left hip. This basicly has ruined my way of living.
    Fitness is meal ticket so it is not just recreation.
    I have been getting simple glucose injetions to try to get them to repair themselves. It helped some but I am still limited in the intensity of my workouts,
    and activity.
    My question is this. Is there any Steroid that will aid in the repair, and or pain
    of ligaments. What can I use and how much. Can I get my Doctor to prescribe it. Please remember I have never used anything before....

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    read about deca in the steroid profiles, but you don't want to run deca with out test because it will shut down your hpta hard

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    I am experimenting with a product called adequan for just this reason right now. I am very impressed as it has actually healed most to the pain and swelling within my joints (some injured, others taxed), and this is coming off a six month cycle. Do a google search, it is a vet product so I doulbt your vet will prescrible it.

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