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    cycle sugestions

    I would like some suggestions on my next cycle. This will be my third. I am a small frame, 5'8 165lbs. I started out 140lbs. 1st cycle was just 10cc sus and dyna. Second was 20cc sus and 25cc tren , both cycles were 8-10 wks. I had a good friend who helped me with the first two but he is gone now so i want to make sure that i am taking what i need in the correct dosage and time frame. I am looking to go balls to the wall with this one and put on as much mass as possible. Here is a list of what i have on hand and maybe someone could suggest a good cycle?
    50cc tren
    20cc test suspension
    30cc test enethate
    100 oximetalon

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    how bout you tell us how many mg/ml there is, so we can lay one out for you

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