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Thread: reading article

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    reading article

    The problem is that every one is different and steroids agreeing or not screwing one “body” up is not a guarantee that you will be ok with them. You may be lucky and use them with no problems for 20 years, or unlucky and die within weeks of usage. No one can absolutely “guarantee” safety to you and of they do, they are lying to you – because they do not have a crystal ball. It is up to you to weigh the alternatives and possibilities. It is often a good idea to think why you would want to use steroids .

    you can die within weeks of usage??????????????

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    You can, you could always have an allergic reaction to something. Its possible, but HIGHLY unlikely I think. Its like the 2 opposite ends of the spectrum.

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    you could also sllip and fall in the shower and die...why worry so much about death?

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    or get in a car accident or get struck by lightening, their are no guarentees on anything in life, especially back market drugs, but steroids like any prescription drug, if legit and monitored carefully can be very safe in moderation, you just have to become very knowledgeable first and now what your doing, even then sometimes you are playing russian roulet but not likely

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