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    At what age do you guys recommend?

    At what age do you guys recommend considering steroids and how far along training should the person be? I know the majority of you it was 19-24. But I would like it to be specific. Thanks.

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    everyone here is going say be at least 21, I think you should have at the bare minimum 2 years training experience..............I hate when people do not work out at all then as soon as they start working out they take juice.

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    i didn't consider them until i had eaten right, trained hard, rested well and wasn't getting any gains to speak of. it was about 11 years from the time i started training until i used AS. how old are you?

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    everyone is different... 1)basically once your body is fully developed 2) you have a few years of training 3)you have researched and researched and know what you are doin 4) you diet is basically flawless. If you can check all those off then you are ready, but if one is not, then wait

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