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    Winny And Gyno Question

    i did some searching and coudl nto find a specfic answer

    I am on a strictly winny cycle (no more test for me since GYNO scared me off of it )

    gyno went away wiht NOLVADEX , and all i have been left wiht is one nipple that gets puffy form time to comes and it goes.

    but since I am on this winny cycle it seems to be puffy more often ...could just be my mind messing wiht me

    my ques - can you get gyno form Winny ?....I was under the impression you can't but yet i have read that the rebound of estrogen is possible. or somehtign like that ...

    reason I am worried is that I have no nolva on hand since all i am doing is winny. but I do have some CLOMIDS that I planned on starting after I was done ...

    Will this puffy nipple ever go away ?

    should I take nolva when on winny ?

    and will clomid help ?

    - got to go to MIAMI in march dont want one puffy nipple to ruin the

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    When on winny your natural test is suppressed by about 15% so nolva and clomid arnt that vital but its up to you i no i wouldnt use it id rathere safe it for a big cycle.

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