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    Starting Monday!

    OK, I was originally gonna do d-bol/enan cycle, but now I ordered some Tren too, so here is the cycle I am thinking about.

    WK 1-5
    D-bol 25mg ED
    Test Enan 500mg WK

    WK 6-10
    Test Enan 500mg WK
    Tren 75mg EOD

    of course anti-e and PCT
    My questions:
    I will be done arround spring break, and would like to have a low BF% and hardness to me. However, I still want as much weight gain as possible. How should I change my diet toward the end of the cycle to lean down? Should I lower caloric intake or just decrease carb intake? Also, should I increase cardio a lot, or will the Tren incresase fat burning enough that I just continue same workouts as earlier weeks?

    Stats: 6'0 185lbs aprox 12% BF? (I can see abs without flexing)
    Do you think my BF will shoot up a ton considering my metabolism anyways?

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    you can't bulk and cut at the same time but eat clean so the fat you do have isn't as much

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