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    Is Cypionate supposed to be yellow in color?

    Sup guys...someone posted a similar post a few days ago on this...however, I'm still not sure what color cyp is supposed to be...I've heard that, in most cases, it's fairly clear and nearly devoid of color...My cypionate (from QV) was yellowish...definitely darker than the equipoise i have...which looked nearly clear...Is the cyp supposed to be darker than the equipoise and yellowish? far as it being has ALL the qualities of authenticity(batch numbers matched, authenticity of the QV seal, etc.)...


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    depends on what kind of oil the product is suspended in!

    I'm not sure on QV I'll bump this for ya!

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    I've seen Enan from QV in almost no color, and also very yellow. Both with excellent results.
    I've never purchased their Cyp, but based on the Enan experience, I wouldn't discount the possiblity.

    Whats your batch#, and did you check the website for it

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    i mix my QV cyp with QV deca , the deca is deff a darker color than the cyp! Has a different smell to it also. As for being yellow. Not sure.

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