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Thread: clen question

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    clen question

    I'm using clen for the first time now. Second day now at 0.04mg, can't notice anything really but....

    The name of the tabs is Spiropent and they're packed on boards. Anyone know about these?

    But my main question is, when I reach 0.08mg which I plan to take as a max dose, how should I take it ?

    I'm doing morning cardio and strength training in the evning usually. Should I take all 4 tabs in the morning or split them up through the day ?

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    Split them through the day and and max dose that I use is 120 mcg`s at end of the week.
    Then I take ephedrin+ coffein the next week.
    Two week cycles are ok too.
    18 days is max, after that reseptors will shut, and it`s useless to use more clen .

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    Split em up....80 mcgs is not rally allot, IMO. I recommed you take your first dose of Clen AFTER your morning cardio...for numerous reasons...when I run clean I max at 140mcgs....I am on for 14 days then minimum 14 days off..You can mix it with ECA or rotate it the two /2 weeks Clen/2 weeks ECA.
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