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Thread: LR question

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    liquidresearch question

    I am sorry to fan the flames of the everyone's worries regarding LR, but can someone on AR say they were contacted by law enforcement for ordering clomid, nolva etc.? I read that thread on and honestly I am ****ting my pants right now with this going on. I placed an order last saturday for nolv and l-dex and i don't expect to see it. EDIT: I also want to add that I just checked bank acct and LR charged my acct. Feb 4th, wednesday...what does that mean? If they were shut down on tues why was my order processed?

    All I gotta ask is, does anyone have an legitimate information with regards to being contacted???
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    Oh they still took your money? That's interesting. Maybe they are going through a third party billing company that still collects the charges and mails them a check afterwards? Sorry to hear that bro.

    You know what though...that guy was really cool and took care of a lot of people. Im sure when all this blows over he will be back on here and somehow he will compensate everyone. He was banking bucks with all this drummed up business. Every board I have visited in the last few days has custo's and threads in concern to orders. He'll probably revise his operation and be more careful next time if anyone decides to trust LR again.
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    I don't think that the LR guy is going to be seeing daylight for a good long time, let alone starting up another lab. He is in deep ****. Part of the largest drug bust in the areas history.

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    That guy is toast, I don't think he will see more than 5 years though.

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