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    Need a lil help and advice

    I just recently started somethin that i've been thinking about since highschool. Last December I started my first stack of Deca /Enanthate /Dbol ((deca and enanthate every 4 days))... then i eased into just cypionate every 4 days for 4 weeks, then i started Winstrol Depot ever 4 days.. and moved the Cypionate to once a week for 2 more weeks, and now i'm on my 3rd week of winstrol and i'm stacking it with masteron /masterbol (whatever you wanna call it) i'm hoping to ease into clenbuterol to help end this cycle, but i'm curious how to do this, and if there's any precautions i should know ((other than mixing ephedra and clenbuterol)) about taking the clen with winstrol and masteron... since i started i've seen great results... obviously i'm a novice, and just plan on gentle enhancement as of right now, but anyone's expertise would be greatly appreciated here... thanks guys

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    Can you lay this out more clearly, like;

    1-4 dbol
    1-10 500mg test e
    I am having trouble following the post and just eyeballing what this cycle looks like right now, seems to be a bit of a trainwreck to me, so it might be easier to understand if you could lay it out. Also, are you injected winny once every 4 days, b/c thats an ED injection?

  3. yea I can't tell when and why you went from enanthate /deca /dbol to just CYP? then winny or whatever. please try to clarify so we can help.

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    ok, my bad guys... here's what i've been up too

    enanthate 250mg/deca 200mg every 4 days 3 5mg dbol tabs a day for 35 days
    test cyp 250 every 4 days for 6 weeks
    winny 50 mg every 4 days((4 weeks into the cyp))
    and now masteron e 4 days stacked with the winny

    sounds retarded doesn't it?, help me out guys...


  5. stop the dbol it shouldn't be taken more than 4 or 5 weeks. cyp and enanthate are basically the same thing, bu they need to be ran for at least 10 weeks. the winny should be taken AT LEAST every other day, better if once a day. masteron I don't know....
    Sounds like you need to do some research toooooo many compounds for your first cycle. probably should have just gone with test only or test and dbol. hope you got your PCT ready

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    Are you running dbol and winny at the same time!? Very bad idea they are both 17aa compounds, and will hurt your liver especially taking them at the same time. Also dbol and winny are almost complete opposites in what they do, so you never run them together at the same time, or for that fact in the same cycle.

    Winny needs to be take 50mg EVERYDAY to see results. Not every 4 days.

    Dbol at 15mg ED wont do much at all. Most take it at 30-35mg ED.

    You are taking taking 875mg of test a week!! That is way too much for a first cycle. Most stick with 300mg-500mg. Enan and cyp are basically the same thing, so you only need one.

    Are you running an anti e with this? Do you have PCT planned out.
    I'm still confused when and what you are taking. Lay it out like I did in my signature.

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