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Thread: starting out

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    starting out

    I am currently in my third week of an Enanthate cycle (250mg/ml for 10 wks) this is my first cycle so am taking baby steps. I was wondering what we be a good 2nd cycle after this. I am getting progress as far as strength which is really what im looking for in the cycle. any thoughts from the forum would be cool!

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    Keep test e as your can run EQ with it.That's always a nice second cycle.Simple yet effective.

    wk 1-13 test e 500mgs wkl
    wk 1 -12 EQ 400mgs wkly

    Just something to look into bro..........but keep your second one very simple also.

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    I too am a big fan of simplicity, the test should be loked at as a base for any cycle. Good second cycle's are test and EQ like DB said or test and deca can be used. and if wanted, you could add a 4 week dbol jumpstart at the beginning
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    i the test always...and throw some eq in there to harden you up

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    IMO you want to keep the doses as low as possible while your body is still fresh to it so they gave you good advise... I've been cycling for 4 years now and still see great results with 750mg of test

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