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    First Cycle: Critique, Compliment, Flame

    First post, First cycle

    I posted this over at ************ and the people did seem too interested in helping me out. Hopefully I can get some good advice here.

    Current stats:
    21 Years
    193 lbs - > 175 lbs 6 months ago
    9% bf
    Training seriously for 2 years
    Strict diet regime for the past 6 months

    Testosterone Cypionate (Deposteron - Brazilian Test) - Novaquimica 400mcg ( 1cc per week )
    The amps actually say expired on 01/04 but from what I've gathered the equip should still be fine (right?)
    Glute injects
    Never seen an inject before in my life so I'm going off of

    Now I have some questions. Should I take Liquidex with this cycle? How important is it that I have Nolva on hand?

    What other preventives should I take?
    Saw Palmetto, Milk Thistle, Avena Sativa, Maca?

    Post Cycle: Clomid Therapy starting 2 weeks after last injections. Therapy lasting for 3 weeks
    Day 1: 300g
    Day 2-7: 100g
    Day 8-21: 50g

    About a month after cycle I'll be cutting down to about 6% bf and I'll be taking Clen and T-Rex
    Clen will cycle will go as follows:
    Day 1: 20mcg
    Day 2: 40mcg
    Day 3: 60 mcg
    Day 4: 60 mcg
    Day 5: 60 mcg
    Day 6-8: 80 mcg
    Day 9-11: 100 mcg
    Day 12: 80 mcg
    Day 13: 60 mcg
    Day 14:40 mcg

    How should I be implementing T-Rex in this routine?
    My cutting consists of diet, as well as HIIT (mostly swimming) training in the morning, mild cardio in the evening

    Will be taking 5g Taurine and 500 mcg Potassium e/d with Clen.

    Supplments throughout the whole process:
    Yohimburn DF (for cutting)
    P-Seven and Tylenol PM for those rough nights
    and the regulars: Fish oil, flax seed oil, etc

    I am ready to go with all equipment (except some of the post cycle / anti aromatose items)
    Everything that I've put together is through online research as I don't know anyone IRL that is knowledgable about the subject. So any help you guys can throw at me would be greatly appreciated

    -Rise No One

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    If you are 21 and gained 18 lbs. of LBM in the last 6 months, I don't think you need steroids yet. I'd continue training natural until you hit some plateau's.

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    not where I want to be
    400mg/week is fine. your gear is fine, dont worry about the exp date. how long did you plan on running it? hows your diet? i would have nolva and take 10mg/day throughout

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    Man bro, you have So much in the post that it can get confusing. Try to lay out your cycle like this that way it is MUCH easier to work with:

    wks 1-10 test cyp 400mgs/week
    wks 1-13 nolva 10mg ED (everyday)
    wks 14-16 20mgs ED

    Also, the nolva is VERY important just in case you would have a tendency to get gyno, best to have it on hand just in case you need it. It is up to you if you want to take l-dex with this cycle, if you do it will keep water retention down (take it at .25mgs ED). Also your clomid should look like this:

    Wait 3 weeks after your last injection and take 300mgs day one, 100mgs next ten days, and 50 mgs next ten days. I don't know about the other stuff bro, good luck though.

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    I agree I haven't reached a plateau.

    I was actually going to do this cycle 6 months ago(posted it on ************.com), but instead I "refined" my diet instead and stayed natural.

    I have a daily regime and for the most part, I stick right to it
    Here's how it goes:

    Meal 1: Wakeup: 40g Protein Shake, Bowl of Oatmeal
    Meal 2: 12 Hardboiled Eggs Minus the Yolk. I'll usually eat the yolk in the last two for taste and some fat
    Meal 3: Spaghetti and Chicken Breast (Interchangeable with Meat and Potatoes / Rice and Chicken / Salmon)
    Meal 4: (Varies) Home made deli sandwhich - A filler meal (Try to keep it healthy) + Brocolli (Some form of Fiber, I prefer Brocolli)
    Meal 5: 60g Dextrose 60 G Protein Shake (This is done post workout)
    On rest days, I'll do Protein Shake with Extra Light Olive Oil / Flax Oil / Fish Oil
    Meal 6: Tuna Salad (Tuna Safflower Mayo Garlic Onions) (2 Cans of Tuna) + Salad
    Meal 7: Right before bed. 60g Protein Shake / Extra Light Olive Oil/ Flax Oil / Fish Oil

    Meals 2-5 are interchangeable depending on when you workout

    I am gaining at an adaquate pace currently. However, I've done the research on the subject and am pretty adamant on this.

    Will be running the cycle for 10 weeks.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that Liquidex blocks the aromatose enzyme while Nolvadex is an estrogen receptor antagonist. That being the case. Wouldn't I simply just want to have Nolvadex on hand? (Not take it during my cycle unless I develop symptons of Gyno) Or run Liquidex while on cycle, and have Nolva on hand in the case that symptons of Gyno occur?

    Thanks for the replies, more info I get the better
    Rise No One

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    Nolvadex is an anti-e. It is mainly used to stop estrogen induced gyno, you don't have to take it throughtout your cycle, BUT if you do start to see signs of gyno you MUST start taking it. The l-dex is used more to reduce water retention while on a cycle. You can take it if you want less of a bloat (I didn't take it my first cycle and I was a little bloated in the face) but it is up to you, you don't HAVE to take it. Good luck bro.

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    in your opening post you stated the cyp dosage at 400mcg, that is 400mg not mcg.

    I think you should wait another 6 months. If you're still going up in weight, then there is no need for the AAS, it won't make you double your gains if you're already growing at that rate. Further, even if you have plateue'd right now, you may have a hard time gaining more than a certain amount of LMB in less than a year. Many don't, but I think a recovery period may help you get the best out of your first cycle.

    that's just my opinion.


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