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    My First Cycle - Please Comment


    I am newbie to anabolics however I made sure I did the proper research before I jumped in.

    I have been training properly (4/5 times a week) for about 2 years now and have made some good gains naturally upping my weight to just under 200lbs and still retaining allot of density however as experienced body builders will now you hit a brick wall that is very hard to get past.

    I started my first cycle four weeks ago with Sustanon (Pakistani 250) decided I wanted to stick to injections as this seemed the best method for delivery.
    Here is what I have planned

    Sustanon 250 - 10 weeks supply (I think I need to up the dose maybe)
    Deca - 10 weeks supply (I will start the Deca after the 4th week of Sust)
    3 x HCG (I will take my first shot as I come off the Sust)
    Premobol - 6/8 weeks supply (I will start the premo with th winstrol as I come of the deca after I have had my first HCG)
    Winstrol - 6/8 weeks supply (same as premo)

    I got the above plan after doing my research on the net and get advice from an experienced user who happens to be my training partner and a very knowledgable pharmacology graduate.

    I am quite happy with the above cycle and being into the fourth week of Sustanon I have experienced good results being able to get past my personal barriers however I feel I may need a higher dose with the Sustanon as the 250ml per week I was on for three weeks didn't work too well - in the fourth week I took my first shot on Monday and then my second (5th week) shot on Wednesday to test out a higher does and balance the amount across the week - this has worked out better for me but I need your comments on this.

    As for the deca, I haven't started it yet and thats mainly down to fear of Gyno, should I be taking any anti-estrogen stuff now? I have a batch of Tamoxifen 20 mg, will this be a good solution or should I go for the more common stuff like Nolvadex (I think thats how you spell it..)?

    Also with this cycle, would it be advisable to use chlomid at some stage after the cycle is finished?

    I only plan to use the one cycle and take a break for at least 6 months as I want to use the cycle to help me size up and then stick to my natural training routine to cut up and keep my density.. Would be advisable to change cycles after a short off period, my training partner advised me he used the above cycle as a starter and then changed over to another cycle with HGH growth suppliment, in total using four cycles to reach the stage he is at now (255Lbs, 6'4" stacked and only 22)?

    Thanks in advance,

    Godzi11a a.k.a the Deaf::Poet

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    I don't know what your doses are.Will you be running the deca past the test?hcg is used up to pct,unless your not using clomid.

    If you lay the cycle out so all can understand you'll get much better help.

    wk1-12 400mgs wkly test
    wk1-11 300mgs deca...............get the idea?

    Also IMO,your running way to much gear for your first cycle,keep it simple and run the test only to see how you react.You have plenty of time to do other cycles in the future.

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    Yah bro like DaBull said, if it is your first cycle, KEEP IT SIMPLE and see how your body reacts. If you do sustanon you need to beinjecting EOD because of the prop in ti. I would recommend either test (if you can, try to switch the sus out for enanthate -less injections) alone or test and deca for your first cycle. BUT NOT DECA ALONE! Good luck bro.

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    i agree with da bull,one thing to consider is........ if you run all them aas for your first cycle,if you have any undesirable sides, you wont know which on is causing them..........definatly keep it simple......and remember always use test as a base,test en or test cyp is good for a newbie,also tamoxifen and nolva are the same thing,and yes it is a good idea to use it........good luck bro
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    Not to sound like a broken record but everyone above is right. WAYYYY too many compounds for a first cycle. Just stick with the sust and save the rest for advanced cycles. Also shoot the HCG 500iu 2 x a week and you won't need anything but your clomid and Nolva at the end

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