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    Question 1st time Cycle advice for guy in his late 30's

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    I would look at a cycle like sust/deca /dbol .........I have done alot of reserch on this cycle it's a good 1st cycle.I have never done a cycle yet but when I do this is the one im doing.Im no expert so..........bump for the pros. and keep reading bro........

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    Welcome to our game bro!

    I would strongly suggest a mass course, but at the current bf% you're at, i would ALSO suggest to drop some BF naturally with ECA, diet, cardio, before touching sauce for a bulker. You really don't want to cut at that weight, any if you bulk you will get.....well..... fat.

    After you reach the lower teens, you should be ready a nice mass cycle, which could consist of Test/Deca . Some like dbol , but I do not believe it's necessary for a first 'real' cycle.

    T200 should be readily available wherever you live, it's only the most 'known' roid from here to Timbuktu.

    Deca can be whatever you find, TTokkyo Nandrolone , Brovel Norandren, Norma's, whatever you can get cheapest.

    Test should be run at 400mg for 10 weeks.
    Deca " " " " ".

    Make sure to have Nolvadex (tamoxifen ) for gynecomastia , and clomid (clomiphene citrate) for post cycle to get the testicles back up to par. With a cycle like this, you are looking at , AT LEAST 20lbs. . .anything else is gravy. BUT diet, must be BIG, good clean foods. I'm sure at 38, you have some idea of what you should eat to gain, but if you need diet help, go to the "Diet Forum", and your questions will be answered.

    Good luck bro, and once again, welcome.

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