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Thread: Omnadren help.

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    Omnadren help.

    I was all set on doing my first cycle with Test-E, 400 mg a week for ten weeks. I asked around and most people said that would work best for my situation. It took me awhile but I finally found a reliable source, but he doesn't have Test-E. He does have Omnadren and said that would also work for me,,,,, so I told him I'd think about it. I'm 6 foot 185 pounds and would like to put on about 20-35lbs. I read the profile on Omnadren, but would like to know what you guys think about it for me. And also what type of cycle could I do with that. Thank-you.

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    Omnadren puts on a lot of water bloat, but it works pretty well... if he doesn't have Test E, ask about Cyp or maybe even prop

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    Omnadren is fine if that is all he has and your only source. Most of us prefer a single ester but you can use a blend effectively.

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    omnadren would work well for you but you should ask for test cyp if he doesnt have that get the omnadren i have used it and got good results just dont like the michelin man look!

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    Omnadren are fine brotha... Same as sustanon , only thing
    is to take full advantage of the Test Prop in it you should
    used 3 amps per week and inject every 2-3 days...

    Actually EOD is what you should do, but every 3 days
    would work fine... Omnadrens are very good Test...

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