I have read so many different things on the long r3 i do not know what to believe! I know this is just a reasearch product and not for human use thats why there isnt no straight up info on the net yet anyway but personal opinions on how it is used and prepared. I am very confused for instance if it comes in a powder form in the vial i is not stable unless it is mixed with ba, but then if it comes premixed in ba its no good either, and i have read never buy prediluted long or its no good but then again ive read it should be in ba when shipped to keep the potency???????????? confusing as ****nit! I got 2 vials of long each has 1mg of long in 1ml of ba, i got them in the fridge, i take a 1/2 cc insulin pin and measure out to number 5 on the syringe which would be 50 mcg then draw up the rest of the pin full of bacterostatic water and inject once a day. is that the correct way to do it? There is so much info that contradicks itself i dont know what is right or wrong !