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    Question Will propecia help when taking tren ?

    I am concerned with worsening a slight balding condition that I have recently developed. I read that taking propecia would help while taking test, I was thinking of doing 75mg of TREN EOD along with 500mg week of ENETHATE. Can someone ofer me some advice if the propecia will help combat the DHT conversion with tren or what ever happens that may aggrivate the balding, or would I be better off just doing the Only the test ? While we are on the subject, is growth harmone a better choice ?
    I have never heard or read anything bad about Growth Harmone and hair loss ?

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    If you are experiencing thinning I would recommend Propecia for the long term. Take it whether or not you are on juice.

    I have been taking it for over 3 years and am happy with the results. It stopped my MPB in 4 months, and regrew some hair.

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    I'm using it now on test/tren , works for me.
    Just start using it a month or 2 before your start your cycle to give it a chance to start working.

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