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    on cycle,trembles suck,advice for clen?

    what up fellas, got a question for ya. im 6 days into a cycle, running 400 mg of prop a week, and kickin in some winny at week 8. also on clen right now. worked my way up, as suggested. im at 100mg a day, tomorrow 120 and leveling off. this shaking **** is annoying. gets really bad after takin just 2 pills, (40 mg) at other side effects thus far. having to break them up one at a time throughout the day to be able to somewhat handle myself well enought to do paperwork at handwriting looks like ass .lmao. anyway, breakin it up like this, am i decreasing its effect? if so, ill deal with the screwy hand writing.ive been told it chills out at about day 10-12.the real kicker is that its oxyflux, and half of everybody says it sucks,wel not here, its kikin ass for me ,lol. give me some words of wisdom gents, thanks..i owe ya. (:

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    I really don't think you can stop the shaking. I've been on clen a week now, had a headache only on my first day. But the shakes are there until you stop taking them.

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