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    Feb 2004

    labs are good, got my gear... now what?

    I've never done AAS, I'm kind of confused how to do my first cycle...

    stats are 5'8"/208 lbs/25% BF. Obviuosly I want to get cut and add some hard size, strength, and explosiveness. I'm a little skitish about side effects as my natural test level on the high end (650).

    Here's what I got:

    200mg/ml 10ml test cyp
    11 tabs arimidex
    10,000 I.U. HCG
    winstrol 25mg, 40 tabs

    do I need anything else? How should I run this stuff?

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    bro you need another bottle of Test cyp to get good results for 10 week cycle

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    you need more test, id pick up two more bottles... you need double the amount of winstrol if you want to run it at 50 mg ED for around 6 weeks, and you need clomid and nolvadex for post cycle recovery...

    at 25% bf i wouldnt even bother with a cycle right now anyway... except possibly running clen and ECA 2 weeks on/2 weeks off...

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    I'd get my BF% a little lower before starting - so you don't have to diet off all your gains Bro

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    don't think you will need hcg for that cycle, but you will need clomid.

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    pretty much what all them said.... first off LOWER your bodyfat to atleast 17-18%, then get one more bottle of test (run it at 400mg for 10 weeks). As for the winny you will need more if you do run it. (Twice as much) but you will not see the results of the winny if your bodyfat is above 20% so it will basically be a waste. Get your BF down or save the winny for when it is lower. Good luck

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    More Test C is needed. In fact, I'm not sure why you didn't go with Test E instead, if the added weight might not be what you're after. I hear there is more water retention with Test C than Test E.

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    more test is needed and dump the BF% below 15% ....clen /ECA to start.

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    Well, personally I wouldn't off bought anything until I did my research. The money you spent on the Winstrol and HCG , you could of bought more TEST.

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    Good idea to start working out and getting a good foundation before considering starting AS. If you haven't been working out in the past without it, why will the future be any different? Prove to yourself that you can do it, all the while continue doing your research. You definitley don't want to hurt yourself...



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    Not a bright idea, but lets make up for that. Like everyone said, get your bf%to around 15%. This can be achieved through strict dieting and cardio. Check out the diet forum for more details. You could do a cyp/winny cycle when you have lowered your bf but I urge you to read up and know exactly it is that you are getting into. Make sure you have taken the necessary steps to avoid any troublesome side affects. I wish you good luck, but don't jump the gun just yet, you'd probably be in worst shape when you got done with a cycle now, than if you waited and got the bf% lower and made absolutely sure you know what you're doing.

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