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Thread: gyno?sist?

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    Angry gyno?sist?

    whats guys i know it was stupid! but i had a little sust left over from past cycle and no clomid and thought hey no biggie i'll just do the 7 at 250 and it'll be cool. but instead i now have a lump behind my left nipple. alot of people say its gyno or bitch tit but i thought that was when one developes female like brest tissue? man boobs? but this is a lump? cant see it(yet) and it doesnt hurt but i can sure feel it! to late for clomid or nolva? or should i just go to the doc and get'er cut out? and my chest is my strong point and if the doc cuts this out i dont want a wierd scar or whatever my imagination can think of. but i gotta fix my f!@#k up. any help is greatly appreciated!!! (it was my 3rd cycle. I know i messed. i should know by now and now look what happened)

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    well, you could try some nolva at 60 or 80mg for a week or so and if the lump doesn't go away or at least shrink a bit then seek alternative solutions like surgery.

    learning a lesson from the school of hard knocks is sometimes better for us in the long run so we don't repeat mistakes.

    keep your head up as this isn't life threatening or going to ruin you.

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