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Thread: Anavar and 151

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    Anavar and 151

    I have read many posts on how to make anavar into liquid...

    My question is:

    if i have legit anavar powder cant i just measure out the amount of powder i need and just take that with lets say a glass of water?

    Does the 151 change the anavar in anyway or make it easier to obsorb? My thoughts were that the 151 killed any bacteria or the likes which would be on the var but i have no clue.

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    No it just allows you to measure it out - 2 grams of var mixed with 100ml of 151 yields a mix of 100ml at a concentration of 20mg/ml. Then you just use a dropper to measure it out instead of messing with capping the powder.

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    Alcohol is used as the solvent, because it will dissolve the powder much better than water, or any other liquid solutions. Don’t worry about the alcohol effecting liver values, 1 ml is your daily dose and it is a very small amount.
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