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    Emergancy!! Leaving the country, just started cycle!

    I have to fly to korea two days from now, a family emergancy. I'll be there for almost a month. I am about a week into my prop cycle, should I just discountine now and run PCT? Is one week really enough time? I don't think I could bring syringes through customs...

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    Find out about the Koreans policy on the needles. On domestic flights, theey are fine as long as they are in checked baggage. The CTX machines don't look for vials either, just explosives. It might be easier to find what you need in a Korean pharmacy, look into that first. Again, syringes should be fine as long as they are in checked baggage, but it would still be a good idea to call and find out.

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    Howdy Wrest,

    Korea is kinda like Mexico, you can buy just about everything in the pharmacies w/out a 'script. Pretty cool. I did security at the "88 Summer Olympics in Korea. We were in Pusan. Its was a good time party, party, party. The Korean babes really like big, tall, blonde haired, blue eyed guys! Enough said!


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    Whatever you do, do not take anything with you on the flight. There is no real point, because you get whatever the hell you want from any pharmacy in Korea. You just waltz into the pharmacy and buy whatever it is you want. No questions asked.

    Since you are just in week 1, I guess you should decide if you want to stay on the cycle or just do PCT. I think your body would recover super fast since it's just been one week. So you could easily postpone the cycle until you come back.

    Of course, it would be easy to get the gear in Korea. On the other hand, you will have to find a gym and dedication to go there in a new country WITH your family emergency to take care of. These factors, and not the juice, would probably be the mitigating factors.

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