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Thread: suggestions?

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    no matter how hard i work abs and cardio i'm having trouble tightening up my midsection. can anyone recommend anything to help tighten abs, whether it be ephedrine/caffeine or another more powerful fat burner?? i've already experimented with clenbuterol and did lose weight, but not from my midsection. thanks for any suggestions

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    Cardio, diet, more cardio, more diet. Men generally loose weight in the abdominal girth after they have lost it everywhere else. Abs for some people are like the holy grail, they work and work but can't get there. Remember that when you are cutting, you still need to keep a high protein level. You want to fool your body into dumping fat while not dumping muscle. Always keep your body guessing. Alter your workout routine, Change up your cardio. Always do something a little different to keep the body guessing. Sorry, the only spot reduction that works in liposuction. But thats permanent. When dieting, allow a cheat day (IN MODERATION) Reduce your caloric intake accordingly, don't go from 3500 cals a day to 1300 a day, you'll force your body to store more fat. Sounds crazy but it's true. A gradual reduction in cals in key. Talk with Tobey on diet. Great source of knowledge.

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