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    Creatine and GABA

    I didnt know where to put this so ive wrote it here. I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome just woundered if anyone else does and how there cope with it when trying to put size on?
    Also is it alright to take Creatine and GABA if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

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    Try increasing your fiber.
    I had a bad case of this, thought I was having heart attacks, but no, it was just my innerds. I chanced across a book that recommended high-starch high-fiber diet, and things were back to normal in a few weeks, no problems since. Off the Tagamet, too.
    Eat a lot of dried beans and potatoes (without the butter--get that instant butter called "Butterbuds" you mix up half a cup of hot tap water with one packet, and you get a pretty good no-fat buttery-tasting liquid for your baked potato), cut way back on the fat, and do some psyllium seed as well (Metamucil or whole seed, available from better health food stores).
    Eating the right food is the surest cure for IBS. It's cheaper, more effective than the pills your doc will give ya, and a heckuva lot cheaper . . .

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