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    Bulking / Cutting Cycle

    alright... i was thinking of doing a cutting cycle but not too big of one so i was wondering if doing a bulk before a cut would be a good idea in the following fashion:

    Week 1 - 12: 500mg Omna
    Week 1 - 4: 35mg D-bol
    Week 5 - 12: 70mg E2D Fina
    Week 9 - 12: a taper of T3 going up to a max. of 100mcg/d

    My goal is to gain about 15 pounds or so in the first 8 weeks and then use the last 4 to cut off much of my bodyfat.

    And antoher thing. How well do you guys respond off of T3 (ie. how much weight to you lose on average per week)?


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    easier for most to put on size and then cut.

    harder to put mass on a frame that isn't used to carrying it, so use the first 8 weeks of your cycle to bulk and then diet/cut during the last 4 as you plan to do.

    T3 works really well in conjunction with a strict diet, however i have never gotten dramatic results unless im hitting around 200+ mcg ED. i definitely would not recommend you try running it that way because i consider myself an advanced user and know how my body responds to everything i put in it nowadays.

    same thing with clen ...200mcg will only make me sweat more.

    remember to split the sust into 3 shots/EW to keep the prop as stable and active as possible.

    good luck!

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