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    Question question re DNP - issue with first cycle

    hi, i would appreciate resident DNP experts opinion(s) on this situation.

    i wrapped up my first DNP cycle about a month ago. i will not name my source but it is someone very reputable who i checked 8 ways from sunday and i have a lot of friends in these circles. i did 12 days or so at 200mg every 36 hours. diet was pretty clean, stacked a little toward the carbs - mainly through glucose taken during the day 30mg at a time to help me meet demands of work & school. maybe 60mg total tops on a given day. and then basically 30:30:30 although i tried to keep it more 50carb30protein20fat, i dunno if it did such a great job tipping it more toward carbs than protein - old habits hard to break.

    anyway i had almost no sides. but the really wierd thing is, i lost NO weight. i didn't eat more, it wasn't just water - ten days post-cycle - NO loss of ANYTHING. i have been trying and trying to figure this out, whether i should tweak my diet, more carbs, fewer carbs, whatever.

    so about a ten days ago i started my 2nd cycle. ran 200mg E36H for first two doses and then decided to try 400mg E36H. well, on 400 i get more of the classic DNP symptoms, but far from unbearable. night sweats, hot after i eat, that kind of thing. walking around in shirtsleeves in 30 degree weather. BUT i could swear i'm still not losing any weight. so now i'm worried. this time i cut back on carbs some, trying to drop total calories under maintenance, not eating so much glucose, 15g instead of 30 when i need a boost. but still!

    HTF can i possibly be DNP proof? i mean this works on ATP, there is no way around it! i can't believe i didn't drop a single pound on the first cycle. now maybe i have on this one and can't see it yet, maybe i'm bloated, so ok. i have been doing very close research on the biochemical mechanisms of DNP and cellular respiration trying to understand what i might be doing to block fat burning and maybe tweak my diet, but i'm stumped. any ideas?

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    whats DNP ?

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