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Thread: What will help?

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    Post What will help?

    What will help me? Im 6'3'' 290lbs I have 19'' arms 50''chest 30'' thigh 21'' calf but I also have a 40'' gut to go with these. I havent worked out in 5 years and I am still this size.
    I worked out for the first time Thurs. I can still get around 315 bench and 350 squat. What will help me with gains in strength and muscle size but cut off about 30lbs?
    When I quit working out I was benching 450 and squating 600 this was all natural and weighed about 255. Now Im 32 and I am so out of shape I know I cant get back my strength naturally what do you guys think would work best for me?
    I eat like a horse so dont tell me about some Richard Simmons diet. Thanks for any input.

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    what will work first is a true look at what you are doing. Diet,workout and lifestyle. Being fit is a way of life. By saying you cant get your strength back naturally is a joke. Only after you have exhausted all of your true potential should you even consider using AS. Just because you want to do a cycle doesnt mean after your cycle is done you will maintain your new looks. Basically what I am saying is if your not committed now how will you be committed later. it has to be lifestyle change and one that you can live with the rest of your life and be committed to everyday even the bad days. There is no quick fix for losing your edge just hard work and lots of determination.

    You sound like a big strong mofo from your post and that is a big plus. I like yourself went on a six year layoff and didnt do much. lost my edge. I was 5'10" 257 lbs. I dieted down to 205 but in my eyes didnt like the way I looked so I got back in the gym and started to hit it real hard. I am currently 227 but none of the added weight is bodyfat. my chest is 54",biceps 18 3/4, calfs 19 1/4 andf Im stronger now than I have ever been. My 1 set max bench is 405 and currently get 345 8x on my bench days. I too am currently looking into AS like yourself but Im still in the process of reasearch and knowledge before I commit myself to this because when I do I want to do it right and safely and get the desired results I have set my goals for.

    A little long winded and I m sorry but their is no quick fix. Look deep within and research,research,research. Research based on your golas and come back with specific questions for all of the people on this board because all these guys really know their shit.


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