i have some torsemide. my mom has a whole bottle of 20mg tabs. she doesn't excersize so when she wants to look good for summer her doctor will give her phen phen or something you know. well, i guess he gave her a perscription for torsemide. i don't have any other diuretics and i need to shed some pounds because i need to take some photos before i go on another bulking cycle. to my knowledge this is a loop diuretic and not potassium sparing which means it's very bad and dangerous. i actually don't want to use it. can someone recommend a better diuretic to use? i am looking for a good closed loop diuretic i can use for about 5 days prior to my activities.

also, if someone tells me how to use this and thinks i should, i would need to know the proper way and supps to take because i'm an athlete that likes to do lots of cardio activities and that's not something i feel comfortable doing on torsemide. thanks for the help.