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    Dantes/Doggcrapp's Cycling for Pennies

    He basically recommends this.....

    The cheapest and best stack I can think of anyone doing to put on major size is a gram or two of test with arimidex to keep water off with fina 75 to 150mg every other day for 4 weeks --then 2 to 3 weeks of cruising (test at 300-400mg and clomid at 5 (day one), 4(day two), 3(day three),then 2 every day for 2 weeks)--and then back on everything full again (maybe equipoise used instead of fina this time) for 4 weeks (then 2 to 3 weeks cruising again etc etc)---if you canít gain gobs of muscle on that nothing exotic (masteron , etc etc etc) surely isnít going to do it for you. Testosterone is always the base for any gaining cycle of any pro friend Iíve had or top people with whom I talked with off record. I have never even been over 1000mg of test myself (yet) but I see guys spending and using 10 times the amount I do weighing 70lbs less. I think there is a major problem when the easiest, cheapest and most potent things are right in front of people and they are off searching for substance B-737
    undecylate in bulgaria."

    This sound great to me!! However I dont think I would stay on as long has he does but maybe for 20 weeks on, then 20 off or something.

    Feedback boys!!

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    ridin dirty
    tren and prop all the cycle and cheap as hell to make

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1badcamaro
    tren and prop all the cycle and cheap as hell to make
    i agree...test and tren are a great combo....

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