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    Primobolan vs. EQ....Which is better?

    I would like to know which one is better or if they have virtually the same effect. The problem is that I can't find EQ, but the Primo is available, and I wanna know if they are similar on the "hardening" effect.

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    fina the best, but eq better than primo for a couple reasons:
    1. primo is expensive
    2. primo is faked alot

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    I would go with EQ...... You get pretty much the same effect at a cheaper price...... also you have less of a chance of getting bunk EQ than Primo....... Primo is faked way too much for me to risk getting something else or just oil. JMO

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    Rhelm of Disarray
    Everything said so far is absolutely true, BUT, if ... IF, you can find REAL Primo, and it's less than 2 arms and a leg, get it.
    Buying Primo these days is without question risky at best, but man, 15 years ago, if you would have said EQ is "better" than Primo, you'd either have been laughed out of the room, or saw the casual but quick turn of the shoulder cuz no one would've taken you serious.
    REAL Primo is top quality gear that produces Hard, Lasting Muscle, with almost no sides whatsoever at nearly any dose.
    Honestly, if the availibility of Real Primo hadn't become the risky excursion it is today, this whole Eq vs. Primo thing would never had arose.......But I'd rather see EQ vs. Primo than EQ vs Deca I guess....At least EQ and Primo are "Somewhat" similar....
    But all - n - all Mud's actually right about taking the chance with your money, unless you REALLY know your souces sources source...

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    I would be questioning how good your source is if he can get Primo and not EQ. Like has been said above, with the frequency that Primo is faked, your source may have some questionable products.

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