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Thread: Saw Palmetto?

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    Saw Palmetto?

    I am about to start a cycle of prop and eq and I was wondering if taking saw palmetto during my cycle will lessen the effects of my gear. I wanna take the saw palmetto to keep my hair from falling out and keep my prostate in check. If any one knows anything about it I'd appreciate the info. Thanks buds.

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    Hey bro, I take saw palmetto everyday. To the best of my knowledge it does not affect the gear. I have done several cycles while taking it, and my cycle have been amazing.

    You should be just fine.

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    here is a write up i did on saw palmetto:
    Saw Palmetto has been the focus of numerous clinical studies that have pointed toward its effectiveness in supporting proper function of the prostate.This is especially relevant for men over the age of 50,to help maintain normal function of the prostate.
    One of the first double-blind studies of Saw Palmetto involved 110 patients. A signifigant number of subjects showed normalization in urinary and prostate health.The extract was well tolerated.An open trial with 505 subjects demonstrated similar results.After 90 days of treatment,88% of the patients felt the therapy was effective.
    Another large double-blind, randomized international study followed 1098 men for six months.Saw Palmetto supported the urinary flow rate and improved quality of life.The study suggested that saw palmetto is effective in promoting prostate health.Additionally,6% of the men in the saw palmetto group felt their sexual function had improved.
    A recent meta-analysis of 18 randomized trials concluded that Saw Palmetto supports urinary and prostate health,along with exerting a positive effect on the sexual function.

    Mechanism of action:
    The mechanism of action of saw palmetto is not yet fully understood.As with most herbals, Saw Palmetto's effectiveness is probably the result of several differing actions.Possible explainations include inhibition of 5-alpha reductase, anti-estrogenic activity in the prostate tissue, prostate volume reduction,and alpha 1-adrenergic receptor antagonism.

    writtin by jbol

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    There's a good long thread on SP over in the Over 30 Forum you should check out for more info.

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