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    Clomid midcycle okay?

    I am starting my cycle soon. I am going to run EQ/prop/tren at slightly high dosages. The cycle will run about 16 weeks and so I was wondering if it is cool to run some sort of mid cycle clomid therapy to keep the nuts going? I don't have any hcg and dont feel like getting any. Clomid is good stuff anyway and I have plenty of it. So like around the 7-8 week mark can I run clomid for a few days or two weeks or something like that? And then I will run the clomid again for PCT about 3 days after I finish my last prop shot. That way I will run the clomid at weeks 7 and 8 and then again at weeks 16 and after. I just think that shutting down my hpta for so long (16 weeks) will have my testis in a little shock and I dont want to let that happen. Anyone know what I can do and if the clomid is cool to run around that time? And if so what dosages and how long/how often, ect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by juicewillis
    I don't have any hcg and dont feel like getting any.
    don't feel like getting any huh ?? great attitude........get some !!!

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    never heard of anyone doing this..
    MOST PEOPLE would get some HCG if they were worried about it

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