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Thread: Dnp Cycle

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    Dnp Cycle

    Has anyone tried a low dosage cycle of DNP . I know that most of
    you do between 400 and 600mg dosages per day for a week. My
    question is has anyone tried a low dosages over a longer period
    of time lets say two plus weeks. If so what were your results. I
    am planning on doing it this way to cut down of the heat side effect as much as possible.

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    i believe...

    i believe the increase of body temperature is what causes the loss of fat. "for every 1 degree you raise your body temperature above 98.6 degrees youll burn 5 percent of maintenance calories" "with DNP your should see a 50 percent increase in calories burned" that means if 3000 calories a day is your maintenance level, you would have to eat 4500 calories a day just to maintain your bodyweight.

    wave buh-bye to fat

    in other words you HAVE to raise your body temp in order for it to work, i know thats gonna be a bitch in northern cali though

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    DNP Information....

    Before starting a DNP cycle, you might want to read this DNP Diary for some insite into how it will effect you:

    The article's toward the middle of the page.

    Good luck and good lifting.....and be careful with that stuff....pwrlftr

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