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    first cycle, deca and sustanol

    hey im new and ive been researching somewhat. i been online about a week. i want to get big for football to play in college for next fall season. i was thinking about taking deca starting at 200 a week, then every week increasing by 100 till i reach 400 then stick with it for about four weeks then go back down to 300 then 200. i want to do this for about 10-12 weeks, but along with that i was thinking of taking sustanol 500 a week for about 4 weeks then last month take masteron 100 a week for about 4 weeks. then take clomid about 100 mg a day for a week then 50 mg a day. let me know if this is bad or any adaptations. thanks, oh yeah and is alright to take NO2 and a weightloss supplement while juicin or is that bad

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    do some more "search" bro!
    write these words in the search box (first cycle, newbie cycle, anti e's, nolva, clomid, pct...), read more and ull find out that your cycle idea is not good.
    also, have a look in the diet forum to find good info for "diet while on cycle"...
    good luck.
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    No tapering, the ester will taper itself..research research research.
    First Cycle:
    Weeks 1-10: Test Enanthate @ 250mg E4D
    Nolvadex @ 10mg ED Throughout.
    Day one: 300mg ED
    Day2-28: 100mg ED
    Nolva 20mg ED
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