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    New To This need DECA Help asap

    Im 28 6'4 225 19% bf started myfirst cycle ever. I chose DECA because of easy access. How much should I start with and what should I expect as for as gains and side affects...PLEASE HELP

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    First cycle = Test only cycle.

    Deca or any AS should always be ran with test......... when you get shut down (and deca will shut you down the hardest) test will keep everything happy.

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    You should stop immediately and do some research. Because deca by itself is not a cycle. That and the fact you'll end up impotent (deca dick).

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    bro im on my first cycle now DONT DO DECA ONLY, do a test only cycle first. 500mg/wk TEST. deca will shut you down and your girlfriend will hate AAS! read up on this site for awhile first and learn before you start you will be glad you did. dont be in a hurry do it right

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