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    masteron question

    hey guys I have 30 ml of masteron 100mgs/ml sitting around and 10 ml of Eq. Ive been reading alot on this site but didnt really see anything similar to this. I just want to know if it would be effective to run just these or would i be wasting my time/money. I am 175lbs and 8-9%BF. also just wondering why no body uses masteron for more than just a couple of weeks. thanks guys any input would be appreciated

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    if you read around you'll find out that masteron works really well when your bf is considerably low, so most ppl like to do it at the end of their cut cycle. yur bf is already pretty low, but imo i'd probably would run a cycle like this.

    test enth 500mg week 1-13
    Eq 400mg week 1-12
    masteron 300mg week 8-13

    make sure you have pct too.

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    what would you recommend clomid or nolvadex , also im glad you added that test that was the big thing on my mind, just didnt really want the excess water weight especially now that its beach time. thanks bro

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