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Thread: Legit sauce?

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    Legit sauce?

    I picked up 15 Primobolan Depot amps. All of them are clear amps, a thick liquid, and have the white Schering labels which say:
    Primobolan Depot
    N Reg. AEM:E.N.36.588
    lote R-082A
    Cad. 09.2006

    They all have a yellow ring on top and two pink rings below the yellow one. Also, they all have a blue dot under the pink rings..except for one which looks like it might have been there but faded. Another thing, the labels are different colors of white. Its hard to explain, but some of the labels seem as if they are a "damp" white, almost like its a thinner label. Also, some of the amps are about 2 mm bigger than the other amps.. is the Primo legit?

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    That does not sound right at all. That gear is faked a lot now.

    You try lookin in the steroid picture forum yet?

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    what you are describing is turkish primo...theybare supposed to be the only real primo left. The description you gave matches everything that supoposed to be on the amp, but the only way to really knoe is to have them tested or better yet shoot up.

    Fakes are getting better and better, im in canada and can get those...but the price is just outta this world.

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