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Thread: receptor sites

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    receptor sites

    for example, if you were to only inject in your quads say every other day, would the receptor sites in that muscle group get saturated and slow your gains and/or stop them completely ? and i know you're going to ask me how much of a dose, so instead give me a dose at which this starts to happen ! and please no guesses looking for a serious answer ! thanks

    oh and my stats if it matters: 5'11 245lbs 10%bf

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    No the AAS disperse over the entire body.....They all get the same amount

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    You'll never "saturate" your receptors. You'll only increase the ratio of ligand (AAS) to receptors with increasing AAS doses. The site is irrelevant, since most AAS are esterified and become de-esterified in the bloodstream. Increasing doses simply increase the possibility of an AAS molecule binding a receptor, but this is no guarantee of increased gains.

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