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    Torn cartilage...need advice!!!

    What's up bro's,
    I've been running GH for a couple of months and has helped my shoulder relativley well but the doc says if I don't get'll get worse (I'm a pitcher). The torn cartilage only gives me problems throwing.

    Question is what should I take to speed up recovery and make sure it is very strong once I resume throwing (after 4-5 months). I will continue GH at 4-6 i.u.'s a day, but what about EQ, Primo, Var (i hear these are good for connective tissue), or IGF? Can't do Deca due to testing eventually. I will be heavy on the joint supps. Any other suggestions?

    P.S. I have increased my strength tremendously and want to keep most if not all strength until I can lift...don't want any size either...I am relatively new to AS usage as well.

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    What exactly is the injury?

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    rawhide -
    If you are worried about testing, EQ and Primo also stay in your system for extended periods of time. In fact Primo can be, and has been mistaken for Deca on Tests.
    Just so you know, you can get Nandrolone in faster Esters.

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    Do a search for "Adequan" here. No, I'm not a sales rep for them either You'll see what it did for me (that sounds like some cheesey testamonial).

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