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    got sick during pct

    hello people, need a bit of advice, ive got 9 days left on my clomid pct after my first cycle, i went from 185 to 205, everything was going fine until couple of days ago, got sick aches and pains temperature etc, loaded up on flu pills also took my clomid, i think the paracetamol in the pills had a bad reaction with the clomid as i was throwing up all night, so i havent took my clomid for 2 days, shall ijust extend my pct and add on two days? i aslo weighed myself and im already down 9 pounds, although i have hardly eaten in 3 days anyone got any advice would be appreciated

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    What a time to catch the flu.. The only way you are going to keep the rest of that weight you gained is by following up with PCT.. I would finish it up, and drink plenty of fluids. Hope you feel better

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