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    Should I stop DECA CYCLE!! on week 6 OR not

    Hello I am doing a Deca cycle with some primo 6 weeks primo 6 weeks deca
    didnt get real big results
    I am on week 6 of deca just finish primo
    I was using the mexican version of deca wich comes in 50 mg/1ml amp
    doing 200-300 week

    I was going to end the cycle now and start the pct
    should I better continue to week 8 but the last 2 weeks using the VET version of deca or better stop now

    any recomendations

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    finish it out man then start PCT at the proper time

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    I would stop that cycle right away do pct it shouldnt take long to be back to normal because that was a short cycle and recover and do another cycle
    correctly ,you need test in any cycle in my opinion. That is why you are
    probably not satified with your results your doses were very low with no heavy androgen
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    yeah you maybe right recup and plan a new cycle Thanks bro

    and I am not having any problems at all feel lucky

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    Swellin Guest
    It sounds like you are considering running the deca for a few more weeks, but you don't have any test...not a good idea! Without test, I would stop now and start praying that the weeman will maintain function through pct.

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